TheWardenclyffe is the creation of two good friends who come from very different musical backrounds. Ivan, who comes from classical piano studies, and Valen, who has a great talent producing music and playing any instrument.

After working on different musical projects, they decided to join together in this new adventure: 80’s synths, “arpegied” sounds, multiple sequencers and blunting rhythm bases are TheWardenclyffe's main ingredients.

TheWardenclyffe started producing songs in 2011, and after a year, they decided to play their songs LIVE. Their set, composed by melodic and rhythm sequencers, keyboards and different control surfaces, allows them to offer a unique and new experience in every concert; they have a great capacity to interact and improvise their own music. Enthusiasm, effort, curiosity, imagination, creativity and improvisation. This is TheWardenclyffe.